D1 Offer Debunked


Rhemi Carder, Reporter

It all started as an innocent joke between friends, but Michael Marts– a Junior at EHS–never thought it would get this big. Rumors are going around that Michael has been offered a Division one bowling league position that had been offered from several different schools. 

“I sent it to my friends and it started from there,” says Marts. he had no idea how far the joke would go and he apologizes to anyone who was fooled by it. Coming from this joke, Micheal had been congratulated by many people,”At least 50 and I’m not joking, however I kept going along with the joke and I’m sorry that so many people believed it” says Micheal. 

Although the joke has caused confusion, and many messages of congratulations, it has also opened Marts eyes to new and bigger opportunities for himself like going to college and furthering his career in bowling. Marts says, “Going to college is a dream for my family”. The joke wasn’t started by Michael himself, it was started on a spirit bus on the way to a football game as people posted on their snapchat stories congratulating him.

A good thing that came from this joke despite people being fooled, is the awareness it has given to the team. Marts says, “It has brought in a lot of attention to the Edgewood bowling program and I greatly love the dedication that I’ve seen/heard about our great program” as they are pushing to take in a SWOC title this year hoping to grow their team.

Although the situation isn’t ideal, no one was upset when they were given the news that he didn’t receive the offer, “It hasn’t been bad reactions it’s been more like haha you got me” says Marts. He has apologized for going along with the joke, and was unaware that it would reach the amount of people it did. MIchael says, “I’m actually so sorry so many people believed it”. Michael is now pushing harder for achieving college and he says, “If I got a bowling scholarship I’d love it, if not that’s all good.” He is still pushing himself to get it regardless.