DECA New York City Field trip


Hailey Allen

The Statue Of Liberty in New York City

Jillian Johnson, Reporter

DECA students recently took a trip to New York City and visited different tourist attractions.

   Senior Sammy Besingi went on the New York trip with some of his classmates and had a very good experience. “My favorite part of the trip was either the Knicks game or going to the wax museum,” He says. He made lots of memories on this trip. “My favorite memory from the trip was Mr. Chasteen acting like a lunatic during the white elephant we had.” He says. Junior Maggie Henderson also went on the trip, “I’ve always wanted to visit New York and see the city. I had so much fun and got to see so much more than I ever would if I went by myself,” she says. There are a lot of sites to see in New York, “Visiting the Statue of Liberty was my favorite part of the trip!” Maggie says. Junior Catelyn Cochran loved seeing the empire state building on the trip, but has another memory from the trip that she would say is her favorite,  “my favorite memory from the trip was when I spilled my milkshake all over myself in the shake shack” she said. 

  Although there were many positive experiences, there were a few complaints. Sammy says, “I didn’t like how some of the chaperones made the whole group go out of their way just because they wanted to do something else.” Maggie says that the city was a lot dirtier than she expected,” It was also hard to get around because it was very crowded.”She says. Despite these comments, New York was enjoyable, Catelyn says, “The trip was expensive but worth the money, I would definitely go again but with fewer people.”