More Money More Problems: Concern for Student Gambling


Courtesy of Michael Marts

Student accessing a sports betting app.

Cameron Phillips, Reporter

Sports betting is not a new phenomenon, yet for Ohioans, it is now legal. 21-year-olds can legally place a bet and sports betting has been one of the hottest trends since legalization. However, some students are using their parents’ information to illegally gamble and persuade their friends to get in on the action as well.


The commercials promising free money influenced an anonymous Edgewood junior, who gambles. “I’ve used every app that gave me free money,”  the student said.


Although many people are getting caught up in sports betting apps, many are sticking to old traditions and ‘under the table’ bets with friends. EHS math teacher and sports fan, Mr. Farris, likes betting but not for money.  “I bet maybe like once every couple months with buddies …more for bragging rights,” Mr. Farris said.


Now that sports betting has become more popular and easily accessible, more people are concerned about kids illegally gambling and becoming addicted. In an opinion piece published by The Columbus Dispatch, Amanda Blackford and Derek Longmeier highlighted a study of more than 43,000 Americans with a gambling disorder that found 75% of the gamblers also had a problem with alcohol.  Additionally, 40% of gamblers had issues with drugs, and more than 80% dealt with depression or anxiety. 


The popularity of apps like TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter has already increased phone addiction and screen time for young people. As more young people gain access to sports betting apps, more gambling disorders and addictions can be created. Users crave the rush of potentially hitting big, and seeing a bigger number in their winnings. 


Although there are downsides to sports betting, students and staff stay optimistic while placing a bet. “I think positive, I’ve made a few bucks …It’s a risk/reward type thing,” said the student. 


Gambling, if unmonitored, can be a serious addiction. If you or anyone you know is experiencing a gambling addiction, reach out to the hotline: 1-800-522-4700