Heading Into Holidays


Alida Askill in her Halloween gear!

Leah Edwards, Reporter

As Halloween approaches, EHS students start thinking of the upcoming holidays. Several students shared their favorite memories. Angel Adams, a sophomore, stated “The best thing about Halloween is walking around trick-or-treating with my brothers.” Alida Askill, a senior, shares the same view “I like trick or treating with all my friends.” she said. Trick or treating has been a tradition since 1920.

As the leaves turn all different shades of red and orange and Halloween passes, it’s now time for Thanksgiving. Carson Richardson, a junior, thinks with his stomach. “I like the food my family serves,” he said. But that’s not the only fun part of Thanksgiving, Angel added “My birthday falls on Thanksgiving some years,” she added. Molly Lipps, a freshman, appreciates family time. “On Thanksgiving, I always go to my Tatas’ house,” she said.

Finally, when it is starting to snow and the smells switch to gingerbread and hot chocolate filling the air, it’s time for Christmas, the favorite holiday of three of the four students. Carson becomes practical around Christmas. “I like the money I receive from Christmas,” he said. While Alida appreciates her family. “I like sitting around the Christmas tree with my family, unwrapping gifts,” she added. With Halloween approaching, it is time to start preparing for a holiday-filled three months.