The “Outer Banks” Premiere Looks to Settle the Theories


Addi King

(l:r) Junior Katelyn Wilson and freshman Ellie Roberts have thoughts on the the new season of Outer Banks.

Addi King, Reporter

The Netflix hit show “Outer Banks” has led viewers to create many different conspiracy theories for the next season which premieres February 23. These theories have been all over TikTok, YouTube, and EHS students who are ready to watch the new season. The tension is building and junior Katelyn Wilson, sophomore Kamdyn Buck, and freshman Ellie Roberts have their own theories, especially with some of the characters.

“My favorite characters on the show have always been JJ and Kie from the very start. My biggest theory for the new season is that Kie and JJ will get together, I mean it has to happen, there has always been a connection between them, everyone can say they think the same.”Katelyn said. 

Many people have been going back and forth about the newest pogue, Cleo.

“Personally I think Cleo will actually be one of the good guys,” Ellie said. “When I first saw her I was not really sure what was going to happen with her, but now I am starting to think she plays a bigger part in helping John B., I guess I’m just gonna have to wait and see.”

Apart from the newest ‘pogues’, many Outer Banks fans have been saying that they think Big John will finally reunite with John B.

“I think the best part of the season would be for Big John to still be alive,” Kamdyn said. “ I mean don’t get me wrong, the mystery of if Big John is alive or dead is awesome, but if he came back and found John B. that would be the best part of the season.”