Different Thoughts on a Traditional Holiday


Courtesy of Tia Reynolds

Kale’s Thanksgiving Feast

Kale Reynolds, Reporter

Edgewood students have different views on how Thanksgiving should be, ranging from watching floats to food conservation.

Thanksgiving commemorates the feast by the Pilgrims and the Wampanoag in 1621. It is also an expression of gratitude towards the ones you know and love. “One thing I like about Thanksgiving is spending quality time with family and friends,” said Tajee Harding, a freshman. Other than football, the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is another thing that has been a tradition for a long time. It consists of fan-favorite childhood cartoon character balloons and performances by famous singers and marching bands. “I loved to see Spongebob,” said junior Eddie Thompson, “I thought it was funny to see him as a balloon.”

However, there is a different way to look at the culture of Thanksgiving because of the killings of Native Americans during the first Thanksgiving. Along with the millions of food wasted per year. ”I’ve seen that the food my family makes usually goes to waste,” said freshman Carson Phillips, “I’ve realized that a lot of other families face this problem as well.” Not many people have liked the foods that have been the main course at Thanksgiving, like turkey or ham. “There are some foods that I don’t even like on Thanksgiving,” said Owen Johnson, a freshman, “turkey is one of them.”

Thanksgiving day has changed a lot since the very beginning.