Crushing Custard Cravings


Macy Wilson

EHS seniors Caitlyn West and Macy Keith holding the flavor of the day- Black Raspberry Chip!

Macy Wilson, Reporter

After closing for the season in December, Whit’s Frozen Custard has reopened it’s doors for its fourth season to crush cravings.


Whit’s is a small business that sells frozen custard, right next door to Skyline and Great Clips. It has seemed like a very long wait for some Whit’s fans and staff. Employee and senior, Hailey Allen, is super excited to see how this season goes. She’s been working there for three seasons, so two and a half years starting in April. Hailey loves working at Whit’s. “I work with all of my best friends and I like seeing everyone that I know come in,” Hailey said. The hospitality service that Whit’s provides is always what brings people in the community back to the store.


Hailey says customer service is a vital part of the store’s work and a focus for employees. “Just be friendly because Whit’s is known for that, and keep it clean because we also have a very clean store,” Hailey said. 


Besides it being clean, this store has a bunch of perks. Some of these perks include great employees, wonderful service, and great flavors. Hailey’s go-to order is a scoop of vanilla ice cream, oreos, and hot caramel topping. Some flavors she suggests are cotton candy, black raspberry chip, and any flavors that have cake in them.


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