As Halloween Approaches, Halloween Ends

Chris Robinson, Reporter

The concluding film of the well-known horror series, Halloween, opened in theaters on October 14th, and Edgewood students have given it mixed reviews. 

Senior student Payton Phillips gives the movie a 0/10, stating, “the whole movie was terrible except for the gore.” While junior Cadence Young saw it differently, saying she’d give it a 7/10. Lastly, Senior Bella Smith also enjoyed the movie, giving it a 7.5/10. The thing that they all agreed upon is they didn’t like the ending.

The classic killer, Michael Myers, came back to life in this 13th installment to terrify Haddonfield one last time. The movie starts with babysitter Corey Cunningham taking care of a child. After the parents leave for the night, an accident occurs, leaving the child to die under Corey’s supervision. The whole town ostracized him thinking that Corey was a psychopath. Laurie Strode, the survivor of the original killing spree, tries to set up her granddaughter with Corey, thinking that it’s about time that her granddaughter settles down. But this backfires as she starts investigating Corey, leading her to believe that the same evil she saw in Michael Myers is also in Corey. 

Overall, most of the opinions lay more on the enjoyment side after watching this movie, thinking it’s very entertaining and gory. It’s still in theaters but not for much longer, so run to your nearest theater to get the whole Halloween experience!