“The Last of Us” Stays True to the Game


Alex Goodwin

Senior Jordan Sousa prefers the video game to the HBO version of “The Last of Us”.

Alex Goodwin, Reporter

Students have recently been watching the new “The Last of Us” TV series and comparing it to the video game.

The original video game came out in 2013 and “The Last of Us 2” came out in 2020.  The follow-up game continued the series and stood just as tall as the first. 

Senior Jordan Sousa has played both the games and has watched the current episodes of the show but is not completely satisfied. 

“The show does an okay job portraying the game but it’s just not the same anymore, I liked it better when I was in control of the character,” Jordan said.   

Almost a decade after the video game release, HBO released its nine-episode series telling the tale of “The Last of Us”. The show tries to stick to the game as closely as possible.  Even though the show tries to stick to the original story, Jordan still prefers the game.

“I feel like when you play a video game, you are a part of the story more and that’s just something you just can’t get from the show,” Jordan said.

HBO Max has released news that there will be another season of the show telling the tale of the second game. Junior Wyatt Tauber is another fan of the show.

“I can’t wait to watch the next season, I’ve never played the second game so I’m excited to see what happens next,” Wyatt said. “I just wish the episodes were longer because the game took me days to beat.”  

Currently, the show exclusively streams on HBO Max, while the game is a console exclusive on the PS4.

Junior Steven Asher has not played either of the games but is a fan of the tv series.

“This zombie show is way better than any of the other ones I’ve ever watched,” Steven said. “I’m going to wait to watch the second season and finish the show and then go back to play the games to see what was different while I watched.”

Directors of the show claim that the debut of the second season could come as late as 2024. According to Variety Magazine, the finale of season one brought in a whopping 8.2 million viewers on live tv. Fans will remember this show as one of the best shows of 2023 and are awaiting the arrival of the next season.