“Takin’ It Back” To Her Sound

A Review Of Meghan Trainor’s New Album


Cassie Claxton

Reporter, Tim Sturm, listening to the album

Tim Sturm, Reporter

Meghan Trainor released her 5th studio album, which was worth waiting for. There are 16 songs on Meghan’s new album “Takin’ It Back”.

Her song “Sensitive” takes fans on an emotional rollercoaster, sad and heartbreaking. It’s about how the guy she’s talking to was playing games such as cheating, making her sensitive side turn on. The song “Made You Look” has lyrics about how she knows she has self-confidence, which is the opposite of “Sensitive”. Fans could be surprised she made a sad song, but at the same time, they should understand why she did that because artists like to have themes for everybody.

“Takin’ It Back” has a bouncy and groovy feel to it. Trainor sings about having an old-time feel to the song that today’s music lacks. The song “Superwoman” brings light to Trainor trying to do things by herself. This song spreads the message that it is okay to ask for help. Then listeners get songs like “Luck” and “Dance About It” that both talk about sexual innuendo, which fans may be surprised by. Fans will most likely gravitate toward “Made You Look”. It has a classic Meghan Trainor feeling: groovy, bouncy, and excited. It’s great to hear that sound again. The song “Rainbow” has a sadder tone but happy lyrics. It is heartwarming and heart sinking at the same time.

This song brings out the hopeless romantic side of Trainor. Some of the songs feel like she wears her heart on her sleeve, others feel like she is on fire, and others feel like she is in a romantic mood, such as “Bad For Me”. Lastly, “Shook” talks about how the person she sings to will never find a better girl. She sounds confident and is bringing back a classic Meghan Trainor feel to her album. Overall, fans should welcome Trainor’s new album.