A World Full of Wordle


Two student’s play Wordle on the phone. Photo by Grace Vande Ryt

Grace VandeRyt, Reporter

Wordle is a new game that has recently been surfacing the internet, leaving people with different reactions to the game.  Students, Chloe Bruner, Mallory Witsken, Ashlynn Williams, and staff, Mrs. Winstel and Mrs. Conley have been playing the game called Wordle. It is a game where someone has six tries to spell a five-letter word once a day. 

According to the New York Times, Wordle was bought out by the creator Josh Wardle, he wanted to make the game free to the people. After Wordle was bought out by the New York Times it started to surface on social media making people interested in playing it. Ashlynn Williams, junior, discovered it through a media platform, “I found out about the game through people making posts on TikTok and then going viral,” Ashlynn says.  

Others like Chloe Bruner, freshman, and Mallory Witsken, junior, heard from their peers. “A friend had told me about the game, so I downloaded it to see what the hype about it was,” Chloe exclaimed. Mallory says, “I heard my friends talking about it so I decided to give it a try.” Mrs. Conley, a paraprofessional, has turned the game into a family competition. “I found out from my son and he wanted to make it a daily family game. So there’s four of us that play every day, me, my husband, my son, and his wife Noelle,” Conley says. 

The game can be beneficial in many ways. Mrs. Winstel, the science teacher, thinks it helped her academically, “I like the way it makes you think and I think it improves my vocabulary,” states Winstel. Mallory thinks it is a great way to get your brain moving for the upcoming day, “I think it’s a good way to get your brain started and ready to go in the morning, and I’m very competitive so I like to compete with my friends,” Mallory explains. Chloe also thinks it’s a way to get the brain thinking, “Sometimes you have to think about which letter goes where and what word it could be.” 

Just like every game, it has a peak of when it’s most trending, meaning once it becomes very popular and known, has its most plays, and Wordle has hit its peak. With hitting its peak, From November to mid-January it went from 300,000 to millions playing. Chloe believes that it could become addicting, “I don’t know why it’s trending but it might have something to do with it’s getting addicting and then no one can quit playing and it gets passed to other games.” Winstel says it could just be a faze,“I think it’s just a fad people are currently into,” Winstel says. Just like many games, wordle is at its peak and has not died down yet.