COVID and Choraliers


Mrs. Wolf

Picture of the Edgewood Choraliers provided by Mrs. Wolf

Jillian Johnson, Reporter

The Choraliers are working hard to prepare for this upcoming competition season. After almost two years of not being able to compete normally, this year’s schedule has already been affected by COVID. Their first competition at Hamilton and the Echoes At The Edge preview performance were canceled, but they hope to compete soon.


The Choraliers are looking forward to their first real competition season since COVID began. They competed last year but it wasn’t a normal competition season. Cassie Claxton, a dance captain, says, “We only went to perform at the modified ones, at normal competitions you get to talk to other schools and there’s prelim and finals.” In a Choralier competition the first goal is to give a great performance in hopes to secure a spot in finals, all of the teams selected compete again to determine the final winner. Last year the Choraliers had five competitions, within those competitions they would compete and get ranked based off of that one performance, unlike previous years. Cassie remembers how the season played out last year, “There were only a few competitions and one of them was virtual, we recorded ourselves and sent it in to be ranked” Cassie states, “We also had to wear masks.” While this season is closer to normal, COVID is still causing disruptions in the seasons since the first competition was canceled. Hailey Hall says, “I was heartbroken when I found out, Which sounds really dramatic but competing is one of my absolute favorite things.”


Despite being disappointed with the early cancellations,the Choraliers are using this time for extra practice. They practice in class and have additional practice every Monday and Thursday from 6-9pm. Hailey expresses her opinion on the practice time being extended, “They were kinda difficult for awhile, it felt like we had so much to do in such little time,” Hailey says, “The last few have just been a little sad, we didn’t expect our first competition would be so late, it feels so far away.” On the positive side, Kamrin Gulley, a first time soloist, is enjoying having more time to prepare, “This is the first time i’ve ever had a solo so i’m very nervous and excited about it, I don’t want to mess up so i’m glad I get more time to practice it” she says. In addition to all of this practice Kamrin has been preparing on her own, “I usually just listen to the videos and make sure I’m singing the right thing” she states. The Choraliers are excited to perform at their first competition which is scheduled for February 12th at the Carroll Classic in Indiana.