Squid Games Review


Maddie Lohrey

Students watching Squid Games in their free time

Maddie Lohrey, Reporter

A new trendy Korean show, Squid Games, is on the rise on Netflix. Squid Games is about a group of people that are incredibly poor. At first, they are tricked into playing these games for little kids to win money. After they leave they become so desperate that they come back again and play more little kids games to possibly win the money. Many students are talking about this new show. Senior, Lexi Livingston, said, “I watched it because people at school and on social media said it was good”. Another senior, Chelsey Brown, said that she started watching it because “lots of people were talking about it and they made it seem interesting so I decided to watch it and ended up finishing it in one day”. Lexi said, “I liked it because it was different from anything else I’ve watched”. The show is in Korean but you can put it in English. Because it was originally in Korean, Chelsey said, “it was weird because the words didn’t match up with the characters’ mouths but after a while, I didn’t even notice”. The differences in lips and voices did bother Lexi “ I got annoyed with the words not matching the actor’s lips” she said. Some people that watch Squid Games form their own opinions about what the meaning of the show is or what the message is. Both seniors agreed that the message of the show had to do with the things that people will do for money. Squid Games is watched all over the world by many people and has been ranked in the top ten on Netflix for a couple of weeks now.