Op-Ed: Battle of the Holidays

Thanksgiving wins out for Niyah Neal!


Senior Laney Konz’s Thanksgiving gathering years back. (Photo contributed by Laney Konz)

Niyah Neal, Features Editor

For most people, Christmas starts on November 1st — for some, they start celebrating the minute after children finish trick or treating. However, this logic and tradition is incorrect. Putting your Christmas tree up right away kills the vibes for Thanksgiving. Everyone, minus TRUE Thanksgiving lovers, forget about Thanksgiving and jump straight into Christmas.

Now you may ask, “what exactly is Thanksgiving?” Not everyone knows what Thanksgiving truly is, resulting in them forgetting about the holiday. Thanksgiving is surrounded by delicious food — especially the turkey — but it’s also about giving thanks to the blessings and people in our lives. It’s a holiday that shouldn’t be skipped over because of the wholesome meaning. It’s an important holiday and it should be celebrated and treated as such. Therefore, Christmas should be celebrated later rather sooner so we can give Thanksgiving the attention it deserves.