EHS Book Club Choice: The Raven Boys


Niyah Neal

The EHS Book Club chose The Raven Boys for its first read of the 2021/2022 school year.

Niyah Neal, Reporter

     The Four boys, Gangsey, Ronan, Adam, and Noah, are on a journey to resurrect king Glendower, a Welsh king. Rumor has it that the King will grant them wishes. 

     Blue Sargent was born in a family of witches, however, she, herself, was not gifted powers. Blue grew up under one rule: DON’T KISS ANYONE. Not because her family doesn’t want her to, but because she’s under the prophecy that she will kill her true love with a kiss. What happens when she has a vision of her true love dying? And what happens when that true love just so happens to be at the restaurant you work at with three other boys?

     This fantastical book will pull the reader into a world of magic and well…death. The Raven Boys was the first book discussed by Edgewood High School’s book club. The book was enjoyed by the members, “I think the Raven Boys is a perfect blend of characters, atmosphere, and magical realism.  A fantastic book to read during the fall season!” said Ms. Fryman. 

     The book club meets in the media center every first Friday of the month and the next book being discussed is Buckeye Nominee, The Inheritance Game by Jennifer Lynn Barnes.