EHS Marvel Fans Review WandaVision

Teachers and students have mixed feelings about the new Marvel series.


Gracie Simpson

Marvel fan and junior Xander Began wearing his Marvel t-shirt.

Gracie Simpson, Reporter

One of Marvel’s newly released shows, called WandaVision, racked up an audience of over 8,000 people and received both positive and negative reviews. The show revolves around characters such as Wanda Maximoff and Vision, who have been recurring characters in multiple Marvel movies. There are many plot twists and emotional moments within the show, which caused a lot of buzz. 

Junior Alysa Gonzalez is a “big Marvel fan” who “grew up watching it and recently started using Marvel for comfort movies.” However, when WandaVision came out, Gonzalez didn’t watch the show immediately. She started the show after episode five came out and “binged watched all five episodes and was immediately hooked on it.” While she loved the show, she does admit that “it’s a little hard to keep up with if you don’t know the storyline of the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe).” After finishing the show, Gonzalez is “excited” for next season and she “100% recommends it.” 

Like Gonzalez, junior Katie Ballantyne also “definitely” recommends the show. When hearing about the show, Ballantyne was “excited to see more of the stories of the characters who had been seen in previous movies” and she watched the show “every Friday when each new episode came out.” As the season went on, she started to like “how different and out of place it felt for Marvel to do a sitcom based show.” Not only did she like how different the show was, but she also liked that the show “left you constantly trying to figure out clues of what could happen next.” After the ending of this season, Ballantyne “[isn’t] sure if there will be another season, but [she’s] excited to see more of Wanda in future productions.” 

Students aren’t the only ones who watched and enjoyed WandaVision. Science teacher Ms. Steele and math teacher Mrs. Vangen both watched the show. Steele is a huge Marvel fan who was “excited” when she heard about the show. However, she didn’t watch it immediately, but rather “waited until all the episodes came out, then [she] watched them all in one day.” On the other hand, Vangen “didn’t really hear about it” — she just happened to “stumble upon it.” Like Ballantyne, Vangen enjoyed the fact that the show was sitcom based and “changed decades.” As for Steele, she loved “the show overall.” She said, “Elizabeth Olsen did a great job of showing all the stages of grief that a person goes through when a loved one dies.” Upon finishing the show, both teachers plan to watch next season, and Steele “absolutely” recommends it, while Vangen only recommends the show “if you’re a Marvel fan.” 

Although the show has mixed reviews, maybe it’s worth checking out.