From Disney to Dancing


Kale Reynolds, Reporter

Homecoming week was quite the spectacle for EHS students. The Homecoming parade started with vehicles that rolled down State Street to represent Edgewood High’s activities. Family and friends gathered on the sides, cheering for their peers and children. All floats were there representing grades, royalty, and extracurriculars. “The floats were decorated perfectly,” said Senior Rylan Brown, “You can tell there was a lot of hard work put in”. When the parade ended, streets cleared up, and Friday Night Lights awaited the school the next day.

The Edgewood Cougars hosted the Northwest Knights at Kumler Field for the Homecoming game. Although Edgewood added another win to their record, putting them 1st in SWOC, Edgewood football was not the only thing crowned that night. The student body elected King, Jake Valerio, and Queen, Cassidy Claxton, as 2022 homecoming royalty. Following, the seniors won the best float based on the Disney Pixar movie ‘Up’. After the Friday night victory, students were eager for the dance Saturday night.

As Saturday arrived, students got ready for photos, dinner, and the dance. Many different groups of students go to other parks and places for pictures, then arrive at restaurants to eat with their dates and friends. Saving time for the Grand Finale at 8 o’clock, the dance. “The school was decorated perfectly,” said Senior Sammy Besingi on the Disney-themed dance, “It made the students more energetic.” The tone had been set and the night was kicked off with students dancing to classic songs like “Party in the USA” or “Cupid Shuffle”. As the dance concluded, the kids were tired and exhausted trying to figure out what they would do afterward. Some go to gatherings and bonfires or just go home for the night. As the long week comes to an end, the efforts and hard work that was put in are now over, but worth it. For Students, the long week is over that will be kept in their memories for years to come.