Girls Lacrosse Preview


Photo courtesy of Laura Yeckel

Freshmen Megan Brown catching a ball.

Liyah McKeown, Reporter

Edgewood’s new spring sport, Girls lacrosse, is in its second season and the Edgewood girls are loving it. It’s been a tough season so far but the girls have not lost hope. As of right now, after 15 games, the girls’ lacrosse team has won one games and tied another.

Defense Laura Yeckel, a freshman on the team  says “It’s been really busy because we have practice or a game almost every day.” These girls have been working hard to victory and make sure to practice a lot to earn a chance of victory. 

Ace Barrett, who plays attack, says, “I definitely want to take lacrosse to a professional level if I can.” Some have different opinions however, Laura says “I would rather cheer for college instead but I do like lacrosse a lot.” 

 The season ends between the end of May and early June. There is still a chance within the time left, as the girls push their way to finish strong. Laura says, “I would definitely tell others to join the team because it’s one of my favorite sports I’ve played so far.”

The girls’ lacrosse team is building strength, teamwork, and friendships while they’ve played this season. Sophomore Sarah Weist is on the girls’ lacrosse team and plays middie. Sarah says, “I’ve been playing for 2 years now.” and that she’d “rate this season a 7 considering that they’ve been losing” but says that the girls make up for it. There are some lows of this season but most of the girls have said that their friends are what made this season one of the best.