Springing into Softball

Softball season is coming up and the Edgewood Cougars are going to have a lot to look forward to this season. Leah Moore, a junior on the softball team who plays second base, says “ I know that we have some good games on our schedule and wins won’t just come easily, we will have to put in a lot of work, but I think we are 100% capable of having a very successful and fun season.“

While some people are unsure of what this season will look like, others have high hopes for a successful season. Leah says “I feel great about this upcoming season, I think from being off a whole year in 2020 and then having a very uncertain year in 2021 full of schedule changes and being unsure if games were going to happen and who would be quarantined throughout the season, I think 2022 will be a great year full of success and hopefully certainty. 

Cynthia Justice, a freshman who made the softball team and plays 1st, 3rd, and catcher says, “We are trying to take things one day at a time, but we do know the basics like when we have scrimmages, games, and events.” Cynthia says.  Beyond regular softball rules, the team is working on coming together and building chemistry for the upcoming season. “The teammate aspect drives me to play softball because you do make really good friends. Usually the friends you make end up becoming family to you and it’s an amazing experience, playing the game with all of these feelings, excitement, and nerves going all at once. Softball would be nothing without your teammates and the support!” Cynthia adds.  

The coaches have put the team together, now they are working on what to do in order to be the best they can be this season. Go Cougars!