Boys and Girls Basketball Season Comes to an End


Emma Haskell

Photo by Emma Haskell of a girls basketball game

Caden Flick, Reporter

Both the boys and girls varsity basketball teams had rough ends to their seasons. Boys finished with a 49-78 loss to Mason with a hard fought second half. The girls ended their season with a 35-65 loss to Lakota West after a tough second half. 

Senior boys basketball player, Dale Yauger wasn’t happy with his or the team’s performance in their game. “We didn’t play very well at all, we got crushed.” Senior girls basketball player Emma Haskell is happier with her team’s performance but wasn’t happy with the result. “ We played hard and gave it our all, we just didn’t get the result that we wanted.” 

Emma believes that her team just didn’t play as well as they normally do. “We weren’t making the easy shots that we usually make and that really cost us.” Dale thinks his team was just not up to par with Mason’s players. “They were huge, they made us look like a jv team in size.”

Dale didn’t think that the game really showed their team’s ability. “We let it go too quickly in the first half, if we wouldn’t have stayed in the game we could have won out in the second half.” Emma was happy with their season overall but doesn’t like their team’s overall outcome. “I don’t think anyone was satisfied with how the game turned out but we were all happy with the little run we had in the playoffs.”

Both teams had pretty good seasons overall, Emma said: “We all made a difference, everyone stepped up and it really showed throughout the season. It wasn’t just one person and that really made us have a pretty good and fun season.”