Edgewood at Home Against Sidney for the First Round of Playoffs

Jordan Sousa, Reporter

As the regular season comes to an end the playoffs begin with Edgewood high school taking on Sidney yellow jackets this Friday for the first round of playoffs. Sidney is the 12th seed and Edgewood is the 5th seed. Edgewood had a rough start with losing the first two games, however, they bounced back with a seven-game win streak to end the regular season. 

Edgewood finished the season with a record of 7-2 overall and 5-0 in their league, and Sidney is 6-5 overall and 6-3 in their league. Sidney’s E.J. Davis has 295 yards in 54 attempts, while Edgewood’s Tavionne Crosby has 823 yards in 113 attempts. Sidney’s quarterback, Donivan Johnson has 1066 passing yards in 162arrempts and 592 in rushing yards, while Edgewoods Eli Jones has 817 yards in 67 attempts.

 Sophomore, Kohen Moore plays right tackle for Edgewood. After a week of preparation Kohen learned some of the keys for the game. “The biggest threat against Edgewood is the quarterback,” said Kohen. Through watching film, Kohen has recognized what areas Sidney excels in. “Their number 1 play is a screen pass,” said Kohen. Kohen’s mindset going into this game is as if Sidney is the number 1 seed. ”We should go into the game as if they are the best team in Ohio and we could come out with a win,” said Kohen. After losing the first two games and getting to where they are now from nothing but hard work, Kohen said that we didn’t change anything, just kept grinding until the final whistle. This is the second year in which Edgewood has got to be home for the round of playoffs. 

Junior, Mason Green, is the long snapper for the cougars. Mason heads into this game with high confidence. “I think we will come out on top,” said Mason. Both Mason and Kohen agree that their number 1 play is a Screen pass. Thinks the way to come out on top is to, “go into the game cool, calm and collective if we want to win,” said Mason. Mason has a good feeling going into this game, considering they won their home playoff game last season.