Op-Ed: Battle of the Holidays

There’s nothing like Christmas gathering!


Rylan Brown

Christmas decorations are up early in the Brown’s house.

Rylan Brown, Sports Editor

Christmas is a religious holiday supported by those who believe in Christianity. It is the celebration of Jesus’s birthday and occurs on December 25th, every year. Those who do observe the holiday, take part in many traditions such as, music, Christmas decorations, gifting, family dinners, and so many more heart-warming festivities. However, many argue that it should start after Thanksgiving, which is not the case.

The widely known holiday should start the day after Halloween. Bringing so much joy and happiness to everyone is needed so much earlier in the year, especially this year. Not only might you be in the spirit for Christmas but so are other big businesses.

Hallmark starts Christmas movies on November 1st, and many general merchandise retailers are beginning to stock and sell Christmas decorations, like Hobby Lobby and Walmart. The earlier you may decorate, the more time you have to buy the decorations you need. You can also start preparing to buy gifts to exchange, which is a very common tradition. Black Friday occurs the day after Thanksgiving, so why not get a head start on all the holiday shopping and festivities.

Getting ahead on one of the most stressful holidays of the year is key, especially in the midst of this COVID-19 world pandemic.  2020 has definitely been a year to remember. With everything going on right now, all we need is some Christmas spirit in our lives.