Op-Ed: Social Media Showdown

“Tumblr [is] the superior social media platform”


The Social Media Showdown is in full swing! (Photo created by Laney Konz via Canva)

Josie Green, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Social media is used to connect people from all over the world, and the best social media app is not Twitter– it’s not Instagram or Snapchat. The best app, hands down, is the blogging platform Tumblr. There’s no denying that social media has revolutionized the way younger generations acquire and perceive information, but Tumblr has also revolutionized the way people connect over their favorite movies, T.V. shows, books, and celebrities. 

Tumblr is known for its wide range of fandoms (the name for the collective group of fans of a certain part of popular culture): Doctor Who, Supernatural, Hunger Games, and more. To me, this is why Tumblr is the superior social media platform. It allows people to find their own cliques with those who reciprocate their love for a show or book. It is so easy for me to look up a tag (or “hashtag” on other platforms) on Tumblr’s search engine and scour for hours through the top and most recent posts about my favorite novels and shows. 

With how far Tumblr’s reach is, most people who consider themselves a deep fan of popular culture flock to Tumblr. As of April 2020, according to Statista.com, there are 496 million blogs on Tumblr. While Twitter has a higher number of users, Tumblr is a more tight-knit community compared to Twitter, where cancel culture and Twitter fights run rampant. Plus, Tumblr is predominantly used for people to interact with each other and not celebrities, meaning people can express their criticism of a celebrity without being attacked by them and their vicious Twitter followers.      

On other social media websites, people just flock together to talk about memes and politics, but with Tumblr, you can take a break from all of that. Tumblr, the superior social media platform, is all about showing and sharing your love for all things media without being in the limelight, subject to abuse.