Op-Ed: Social Media Showdown

“If you have any taste, you would know the answer is clearly Twitter.”


Laney Konz

Laney Konz scrolling through Twitter

Laney Konz, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Social media connects people across the world, but a controversial debate is constantly ongoing between social media users — which social media app is the best? If you have any taste, you would know the answer is clearly Twitter.

First of all, Twitter has many forms of media on it. You are able to keep up on world news; follow your friends or favorite celebrities; keep up on politics; connect with new people; look at top-notch memes; read conspiracy theory threads; watch TikToks; and follow a Twitter feud. According to Statista, Twitter’s number of active users from July 2020 was 326 million, making the list of the most popular social media platforms. Tumblr didn’t even make the top 15.

On top of this, when you are on other platforms, half of their posts are screenshots of trending tweets. These platforms have such dry content that they need to leech off of the comedic geniuses of the Twitter community to keep their users entertained. Moreover, Twitter is a huge community of fandoms. Tumblr has been as well, but on Twitter, you can see how friendships blossom from their similar interests. Moreover, the hashtag originated from Twitter, which fandoms use to trend alarming issues or spread awareness.

Lastly, Twitter is centered around conversation, which can start huge movements. Even our current politicians and government officials use Twitter to send out important information, or sometimes just to rant about fake news. Either way, the vast amount of interaction that is taking place is ginormous. Sorry Tumblr, but Twitter seems to be superior in this aspect.

No matter which platform you prefer, I think we can all agree that social media has a huge impact on the modern world and it’s a way for everyone to stay connected and well-informed. Social media has had its downfalls, but overall it’s had a positive effect on many individuals.