Restricting Former President Trump: Violation of Rights or Fair Game?

The restrictions placed on Donald Trump have raised a controversy on its legality.


Josie Green

List of social media platforms that have restricted Trump. (infographic made via Canva)

Maggie Roberts, Reporter

Former President Donald Trump has been banned across social media platforms and it has sparked a controversy about whether it’s a violation of rights or not. Trump has been permanently banned across several social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and he has had his app removed from Apple App Stores. Some say that this is a complete violation of freedom of speech while others argue that it was fair game after he ignored many warnings for abusive behavior and misleading speech. 

Some people believe that if you are banned from social media then you deserve it. Sophomore Emma Glancy said, “ I think if you get banned on social media platforms then there is a reason for it and you probably deserved it. They don’t ban people lightly.” She continued, “In Trump’s case, for example, he did not stop doing what he was doing when they sent him a warning. He also instigated a riot on a government building.”

Some people think that banning someone across multiple platforms is going against their freedom of speech. Sophomore Eddie Mcintosh said, “I think banning people from social media is an infringement of their rights.” He also said how he thought that it was unfair to ban Trump for inciting riots; ”Donald Trump is banned from social media for life! It seems a bit unfair to me.”

Many are upset about platforms banning people and wonder if freedom of speech applies to social media. On the other hand, people believe that these sites are in the right by preventing incorrect information and violence from being spread.