Five Alumni Take on the Music Industry


Samuel George

Scott Eternal, Jaqueefus Buckshank, and Rohonda Crinklecrunk posing for the camera.

Samuel George, Reporter

Big Boy Rush (BBR) is a boy band made up of five EHS alumni. The five members wished for their stage names to be used in place of their real names. Their stage names are: Jaqueefus Buckshank, Rohonda Crinklecrunk, Big Ross, Scott Eternal or Scott E., and Smitty Worbenhausen. 

The band was first started by just Jaqueefus and Rohonda, around “four years ago at this point,” Jaqueefus said. Smitty has been a part of the group for around two years. Scott E and Big Ross have been members of the group for around nine months. 

What made them want to be a part of BBR? Rohonda answered with one word: “Girls.” Big Ross stated, “I was hanging out with Rohonda and he said, ‘We’re going to Jaqueefus’ house’ and that’s how I joined BBR.” 

Jaqueefus said that BBR was, “A group of like minded boys, who are also big, that are actually on a different level from any other human beings.” Scott E. said, “BBR is my everything, it is my eternity.” For Big Ross, BBR means, “A fun time with the homies.” 

Jaqueefus, Rohonda, and Big Ross were all in agreement on what the best BBR song is: “Homeless.” Scott E. stated that he believed “Diggin’ that Gold” was BBR’s best song. Rohonda said their song “Homeless” is about, “Kickin’ a girl out of your house.” 

BBR is a genre all of its own, according to its members. They say that trying to compare them to other boy bands like NSYNC or Big Time Rush isn’t right and shouldn’t be done. Big Ross believed, “Country” is the most accurate genre for BBR.

Big Boy Rush is available to listen to on Youtube. The new album was released on February 14 and is titled Big Boyz in da Crib.