Foam Darts and Friendly Rivals


Photo provided by Ryan Wirtley

Students participate in the nerf war at trenton park.

Jake Valerio, Reporter

The Nerf war started on Friday, April 21, 2023. There are 14 teams of 8 playing in this year’s war. The Nerf wars will be taking place in the Trenton and 7 Mile area.


The leaders of the Nerf war, Layne Howell and Phillip Johnson, tweet out where the wars are going to happen. Students that follow the twitter page can find all the newest updates and where the kids playing are going to meet up. Junior, Connor Ballantyne, frequents the two same places during the Nerf war. “Most of the time I will be at Trenton park or the Shiloh baseball fields because those are the main spots everybody meets up,” Connor said.  Those are the main two spots to go because it is easy to go one versus one to try to get people out and it is a good way to get everyone together to try to battle each other or figure out a plan for later in the day. Senior and leader of the Nerf war, Layne Howell, has picked Trenton park and Shiloh to do most of the wars. “We pick those places because they are open and there are enough spots for everyone to park and still have space to do the wars,” Layne said. “Also, everyone can meet up to give us ideas on where to go and what to do.”


For some people it is their first year playing, while others have played all four years. Senior and leader, Phillip Johnson, is going into his fourth year playing and is very familiar with the game. “It is my fourth year playing and I have been on this team for the past two years and it is sad that this is my last year doing it,” Johnson said. Layne has also been playing for four years being on the same team every year. “My team name is going to be retired after this year to go down in history as the greatest team ever,” Howell said. So everyone be aware because for about the next week to two weeks there is going to be a lot of action happening around the district.