Student Council Election Results


Cassie Claxton

(l:r) ’24 Class President Maggie Henderson, ’25 Treasurer Robert Eggerbrecht, ’26 Vice President Noelle Lockerby

Cassie Claxton, Reporter

Recent student government elections have led to two major changes for the 2023-2024 school year.

One change comes from nobody in the class of ’26 wanting to run for office. Noelle Lockerby, class vice president, informs about the lack of participation in her grade, especially during elections.

“No one was running for secretary and then there wasn’t even three representatives running,” Lockerby said. 

Due to the lack of participation, the class of ‘26 will have to find a way to fill positions. “We’re [student council] going to choose for secretary,” Lockerby said. 

Another major change comes from Maggie Henderson winning class president for the upcoming senior class of ’24. After three years of serving in other positions, such as treasurer and elective representative, this is her first year as president. Henderson elaborates on why she ran for president. 

“I wanted more involvement in student council and the planning,” Henderson said. 

Henderson has high standards in order to make senior year perfect.

“I just want it to be good because it’s our last time for our things,” Henderson said.

Despite two major changes to the other class, the class of ‘25 officers stayed the same. 

Robert Eggerbrecht will hold his third year as treasurer starting this fall. “I’m excited,” Eggerbrecht said.