Get College Credit During High School!


Jillian Johnson

Student working on CCP homework

Jillian Johnson, Reporter

College Credit Plus classes are a popular option amongst Edgewood students due to all the benefits of the courses.

If you take a CCP course, all the costs are covered, including the costs of books. You also receive college and high school credit for every course you take. These courses can be taken in person or online, some courses are even offered in person at Edgewood. Sophomore Reagan Schwitalski has taken English 111 and is currently taking English 112 online through Miami’s CCP program.

 “I took CCP classes just to have college credit and extra high school credits, also I don’t have to pay for it,” Reagan said.

Reagan decide to take English through the CCP program because she thought it would be “the easiest class to take.”

“My friend took it and said it wasn’t too hard,” Reagan said. “I feel like I’d want to take other subjects in person.” 

CCP courses are a good tool to help you prepare for what college may be like. Senior Mallory Witsken decided to take CCP courses because she knew it would help prepare her

It was different than an honors level class and made me work really hard,” Mallory said. 

Mallory has taken a mix of online and in-person CCP courses 

“I did CCP English 101 with Mrs. Porter and then I did English 102 online by myself,” Mallory said. 

She also took CCP Anatomy and Physiology at Edgewood with science teacher Ben Johnson.

College-seeking students can take so much away from these classes.

 “They can be really beneficial if you plan on attending college, they can fill the place of a college class and save you time and money in college,” Mallory said.

Navigating through CCP and all the options within it can be very confusing and overwhelming. Staying on top of work is a very important part of committing to these classes.

“Do not wait until the minute to do your assignments because the professors actually read them, they are critical to your grade sometimes,” Reagan says. 

These classes can become challenging but the positives outweigh this feeling.

Be prepared to work hard, some CCP classes will test your limits and make you question if you should be in the class,” Mallory said. “No matter what if you put the time and energy in you will see great results in return.”