New Softball Coach Has High Expectations


Photo Courtesy of Kaylynn Spencer

Coaches and members of the softball team volunteered at the Shared Harvest Foodbank in February.

Jake Valerio, Reporter

Wayne Henson has taken over as head softball coach after being an assistant coach for last year’s softball team.


Henson is eager to get this season started and watch the girls have a great season. “This girls team is very talented and I am excited to teach them and watch them grow throughout the season,” he said.


Henson thinks this team is talented and solid across the board.  “We have girls at every spot on the field that are good at that position,” Coach Henson said. 


Team captains, junior Kaylynn Spencer and sophomore Evelyn Henson, are excited to lead the team to its goals and chase personal goals too. “I think we have a shot to win a SWOC title this year,” Evelyn said. 


While a SWOC title is a goal for the girls softball team, Coach Henson  thinks the girls can go beyond that. “Our main goal is to win a SWOC title, but when the end of the season hits, our goals will grow and grow hopefully to the state championship,” he said.  


A SWOC title will be difficult with defending champion Harrison coming off of an undefeated SWOC season.  Talawanda finished second last year with Ross in third. “If we want to get the title then we are going to have to beat Ross,” Spencer said. “Ross has always strived to beat us and we are not going to let that happen this year.”


To get to the point where they compete for a state championship everyone still needs to improve on the small things. “Personally, I am going to work on my offense and keep the team spirit high and as a team captain it is my responsibility to make sure everyone has a positive attitude and plays the hardest we can,” Spencer said. 


In addition to the team goals, the girls have personal goals in place for the season.  “I am excited to get my stats up and prepare for recruitment,” Spencer said.  Sophomore Henson has personal goals too.   “I plan to live up to my captain label and lead the team better by example,” Evelyn said. She has a chance to be in the EHS record books and she can do it this year as a sophomore. “I am on track to break a couple records this year and be on top of the leaderboards for Edgewood history so I need to do my best and try my best to reach a personal goal,” Evelyn said.  


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