Frazzled by Finals? Exempt your Exams!


Caitlyn West

Senior, Ryan Wirtley, is working hard to keep his grades up!

Caitlyn West, Reporter

The end-of-quarter exams are right around the corner. Senior exams will take place May 16th-18th, and underclassmen exams will take place May 23rd-25th. All seniors will be eligible for exam exemptions, but underclassmen must meet more specific requirements. Exam exemptions are based on grades, discipline, and attendance. Students must reach the criteria for the second semester to be exempt.

In order to be exempt from your end-of-course exams for grades 9th-11th, students must score proficient or higher on state testing for ELA 2, Algebra 2, Geometry, US History, Biology, and US Government. Classes that do not have state testing, such as ASL and art, will have exams that cannot be exempt. Attendance also plays a role in exam exemptions. You must have 10 or fewer excused/unexcused absences combined from the third and fourth quarters. Students must also have a “C”, which is 73% or higher in the class. Lastly, students cannot have any out-of-school suspensions for the second semester. Exams are 10% of your grade, it’s important to study and show up for exams to end the school year with good grades. All Butler Tech courses are administered a WebXam in April/May that requires a qualifying score.

Not many students enjoy taking exams. Freshman Linus Vogt wishes he didn’t have to take them, but they are beneficial.

“It’s very helpful for my grades,” Linus said.

Senior Hailey Allen has never been a fan of the exams either.

“I personally did not like them, especially when it’s over the whole semester’s material,” Hailey said. “Thankfully, I am a senior and I do not have to take them this semester.”

Teacher Karen Wirtley wants to look out for students taking exams.

“I’m okay with them as long as they stay at 10%. I don’t think exams should make or break a kid,” Wirtley said. “Some kids struggle with testing but are hardworking students, and they have the spring testing. The exemptions are great as long as you work hard to keep grades up and show up to school.” 

 Remember to keep in mind your grades, attendance, and discipline for the rest of the semester. Good luck to everyone on their exams!