Boys volleyball


Courtesy of Jack Alspaugh

The boys’ volleyball team scrimmages Beavercreek.

Carson Murphy, Reporter

The 2023 EHS men’s volleyball season is set to begin on March 14. Players, coaches, and people close to the team are feeling more confident than ever that this team can have a successful season. Team confidence and untapped potential are only the first of a plethora of reasons why this year’s team could make a serious run.


Last season, the team had a record of 5-15, returning senior Craig Ellis sees last season as a springboard to a better campaign this year. “Last year was really just a year to build chemistry, the talent was there, we just didn’t play as a team,” Craig said. However he is confident that this year can be a turnaround for them, and they can build on their flaws from last season. “The players understand the game much better now, we know how we play and what we are good at, it gives us an advantage knowing each other,” Craig said. This confidence paired with good talent makes this year’s team a serious challenge to other teams.


After a disappointing 2022 season, the team collectively decided to put extra work in this offseason leading into 2023. Junior Gage Taggart is feeling confident about the work ethic the team has shown.


“I’m impressed with the work that our team put in this offseason, we have all improved a lot as solo players and as a team together,” Gage said. 


He predicts that if the team continues to put in work throughout the rest of the offseason and the regular season, they have a very good chance of being a significantly better team this year. “We have a lot of potential, we all knew we could be good last year, but the work we put in might help us be even better than we thought,” Gage said. 


It’s not only the players who are excited about this upcoming season, head coach Mark Blair feels like this team is different than past teams he has coached.  “I’m excited because for the first time in a long time, this team has real experience,” said Coach Blair.


Coach Blair also believes that the energy is a little different this season. “Players are more focused this year, some players even played club volleyball and I’m hoping they bring that energy from club to this team,” Coach Blair said.


He hopes the team lives up to its potential. “It would be great to have a winning record this season, we haven’t done that in a long time,” Coach Blair said.