Baseball Begins


Kale Reynolds

The baseball team practices on a beautiful evening.

Kale Reynolds, Reporter

The Edgewood baseball program has ended the offseason and is ready to start its season in a couple of weeks. The team is excited to compete this season and embrace the challenges along the way.

A new year means the loss of some players, but also the addition of some new ones.  Senior Colton Hunt thinks team building could be a challenge the team has to face and the team needs to have some players step up and embrace their roles. “We’re going to have a young team this year and not a lot of our guys have varsity experience,” said Hunt. “But with how hard these guys work, I don’t think it will be a problem. We have a lot of really great guys that we will need to step up and fill a varsity role.”

In addition to being excited about his senior season, Hunt is excited for the new class of players to develop throughout their high school career. “We have a really talented freshman class right now,” said Hunt.  “I’m excited to see how that group progresses.”

Freshman Carson Downie is ready to embrace new teammates and coaches in the upcoming season. “I’m excited to get new teammates and a new coaching staff.” said Downie, “I can’t wait for the season to start.“ 

Freshman Roman Smith is very excited to begin the season and is excited to compete for a SWOC title. “Our team has improved…, but we’re gonna go kick booty.” said Smith, “We’re gonna be hittin’ dingers, winnin’ SWOC.”

Challenges within the SWOC can be a problem for the Cougars with rivalries that have grown over multiple years. “I can’t wait for Edgewood vs. Ross, we won 2 out of the 3 last year.” said Smith, “They’re a very good team, but we’re just better.” 

This is the final ride for the seniors after getting a year cut off because of the pandemic. “My freshman year got cut short because of COVID, I feel like I got robbed of a year to play with my teammates,” said Hunt. “I’m going to treat this season just like the last two and try to help this team win the SWOC.”

The team will be ready for March 25 as they face Hamilton and are ready to play. “I’m looking forward to the Hamilton game.” said Hunt, “They’ve beat us the last few years, but I’m looking forward to get a win against them.”

The Edgewood Cougars have their first baseball scrimmage on March 13, 2023, at home against the Carlisle Indians. Show up and give some support to the Cougars!

The baseball team’s schedule for the 2023 season. (Courtesy of @edgebaseball3)