Lacrosse Blends Skills and Aggression


Carley Crane

EHS boys lacrosse prepares for the new season. (l:r- WIll Miller, Jordan Sousa, Cory Ashcraft)

Carley Crane, Reporter

Lacrosse is rapidly growing in popularity and EHS players are sharing ideas on the skills needed for them to have a great season.  


Sophomore Cory Ashcraft highlights one of the challenges to lacrosse.  “Learning how to pick up on the game and definitely learning how to catch the ball, “ Cory said.  


Senior Jordan Sousa is starting his second year in lacrosse and he agrees with Cory about catching the ball.  “The hardest part is learning stick skills with the 6ft stick,” Jordan said.    


Even after a player gains lacrosse experience, the skills still need work.  Junior William Miller is a lacrosse veteran. “I’ve been playing for 12 years and I still am building them[skills],” Will said.  Jordan agreed and stressed the need for practice.  “ It takes a lot of hard work to build them up,” Jordan said.  


Along with the challenging side of learning the sport, there is a fun side too.  “The atmosphere about it. It’s fun, a lot of joking around and everything,” Jordan said. The EHS men’s lacrosse team tries to be like a big family. There’s a lot of love and laughs with the men’s lacrosse team. 


Along with the fun there’s another element to the sport. “I like that it’s a team sport and I get to hit somebody,” Cory said.