Register To Vote!


Rhemi Carder

Sharese Spearmen encouraging seniors to vote

Rhemi Carder, Reporter

EHS government teacher Mr. Kevin Johnson has been helping seniors to vote in the upcoming elections for several years by giving them a registration form to fill out. 

Hopefully, students will see the importance of voting both now and in the future. 

“We want every student to become an active citizen,” Mr. Johnson said.   

A voter registration form is available to anyone who will be 18 at the time of the election and it is highly encouraged to grab one.

“Part of this is voting in every election,” Mr. Johnson said. 

On Wednesday, February 8, Mr. Johnson started pulling seniors out of Edgetime to have them register. In order to register, students are asked to fill out a form and after returning the completed form the students will be eligible to vote in the upcoming election

Students like senior Hannah Mills believe this opportunity is important. 

“I think it is important because it helps to inform kids that might not be aware,” Hannah said.  

Edgewood wants this to reach seniors throughout the school to give them the chance to register.

“Some people may not know where to go to register or how to register,” Hannah said.   

Voting registration has become a big part of Mr. Johnson’s job every year. Since he started several years ago, he has helped many seniors have the privilege of voting in the elections.

“I believe it is a very important part of the job,” Mr. Johnson said. 

Seniors should be aware of this opportunity as it will have an impact on their lives even in small ways. The seniors who chose to grab a form and sign up are standing up and using their voices for their community. It shows how they care about the future even at a younger age. 

Senior Madison Polston believes casting a ballot in this election will give students a picture of what it is like to act on the opinions they have on certain things in this country.

“They can experience what it’s actually like to have an opinion and being a part of the voting committee,” Madison said. 

Hannah believes senior’s votes can make a difference.

“I believe our votes do matter because it gives us the opportunity to make changes,” Hannah said.  

Any senior who will be 18 at the time of the election and missed registration can pick up a voter registration form from room 222.