Sophomores Excited About Butler Tech Futures


Shelby Brehm

Sophomore Chloe Bruner with her acceptance letter into Butler Tech.

Shelby Brehm, Social Media Editor

Some sophomores have recently been accepted into Butler Tech for the next school year. Two of these sophomores, Chloe Bruner and Lilie Day, think Butler Tech can be rewarding and intimidating. 


Accepted into the Health Care program, Chloe is using Butler Tech to jump-start her career. “Butler Tech can give me a real-world experience and give me a jump start into the medical field,” Chloe said. Chloe is nervous about taking this step but knows it’s a great way to start her future. “It can be intimidating though because you’re going to a new place without your friends.”


Lilie Day was accepted into the Equine Science program. Initially, Lilie was unsure as to what she wanted to go to Butler Tech for, but fell in love with the equine program. “When we were doing the tour, I was just so happy and I knew as soon as I walked in that’s what I wanted to do,” Lilie said. “I want to be a large animal vet, so getting experience around animals and other people who have the same passion will be super beneficial”. Lilie thinks all sophomores could benefit from Butler Tech, “You’re able to learn the subjects you would learn here while also getting the experience in the work field.”


Katie Erb, a Biomedical Science Butler Tech teacher, believes Butler Tech can give students the opportunity to be hands-on in the classroom. “These classes are different from the traditional learn and lecture type of classes, they give students a project base class,” Erb said. “I think that for some kids leaving that traditional comfort and feeling of high school can be hard, but I think that’s why satellite classes can be helpful and give students the best of both worlds.”

Seniors Heidi West and Reyhan Davis doing a gene expression lab in the Butler Tech Biomedical Innovation class. (Shelby Brehm )