DEN Development


Photo courtesy of Lori Limon

Hawaiian Night for The DEN

Jake Valerio, Reporter

At Edgewood High School, sports are a big part of the school and the community. The student section (The DEN) is a big part of the energy for the students playing, However, some students believe there are improvements to be made.


One thing The DEN needs to improve is going to a variety of sporting events instead of just football and basketball. Senior, Colton Hunt, plays basketball and baseball and wants to see the DEN support other teams. “I think The DEN should go to more sporting events and cheer on more teams,” Hunt said. The DEN gives great energy at football and basketball games but is not as involved with other sports. Den Leader, Rylan Brown, agrees with Colton about The DEN should go to more sporting events. “It would be better if more students showed up to other sporting events. I feel like the same people show up at every game” Rylan said.


Junior, Tanner Taggart, highlights another problem with the DEN.  “Better themes will bring more people to the games,” Taggart said. The theme is trying to get the members of the DEN to dress up. Some themes are white out, camo night, and jersey night. Some of the top picks are Hawaiian night and Pink out. “My favorite theme is pink out because people come up with great costumes and we support breast cancer,” Taggart said. Typically The DEN has pink out in october and matches the football team, however, this past football season was the first year The DEN did not plan with the team. Though this past football season was the first year The DEN and the football team did not match for pink out. “We needed to do it on the same night and communicate with the team,” Taggart said.


 Even when the team and the DEN were on the same page, the DEN was not agreeing with each other. The DEN has some good ideas for themes but not everyone always agrees with them. For instance, The DEN members could not agree on cops and robbers as a theme this year, so it had to be changed to costume night. This way everyone could participate and have his/her own idea for a costume. The DEN leaders try to make everyone excited to come to games.


The DEN does a really good job cheering at the football and basketball games and there are just a few improvements to be made so the DEN to be the best it can be.