Cougar Teammates Sign With Wittenberg


Mr. Heflin

Jake and Evan announce their intent.

Caitlyn West, Reporter

Two Edgewood seniors signed their letter of intent to continue their football careers at Wittenberg University on February 1, 2023. Jake Valario and Evan Swartz have grown up playing football and basketball together and get to continue their education and dedication to sports together as Wittenberg Tigers! 

Evan will be majoring in exercise science and is excited to continue playing football with Jake, “It feels great going with someone that I’ve been playing with ever since I was little,” said Evan.  “It will be a new experience, so if we have problems or any questions we can go through it and work together.” He described the university as a very welcoming place for him and he instantly felt comfortable and confident he was making the right decision. After signing, he felt relieved knowing he will be there for the next four years, “I can’t wait to get up there and start working”, said Evan.

Jake will be majoring in education for either math or history and plans to work with either elementary or high school students. As he anxiously waited for the time to come, he couldn’t help but feel a mix of emotions, “I was getting super anxious, but when it was done it was a relief,” said Jake. “All day I was watching the clock waiting for it to happen”. Making this decision with Evan made him feel even better, “It feels nice knowing I’m playing with someone from the same backstory and someone I can continue my journey with,” said Jake. Jake would also like to thank everyone for supporting him and pushing him to become the player he is today,

EHS head football coach, Scott Clemmons, felt very proud watching two of his former players sign together, “Two great young men, to pick that school out is a testament to what they did in the classroom with their GPA,” said Coach Clemmons. “The school is very elite with their academics, it’s hard to get into but they did a great job. I’m proud of their overall academic success and their success on the field.” Coach Clemmons is excited to see the success Jake and Evan bring to the Tigers.

We would like to wish Evan and Jake the best of luck at Wittenberg University!