2022 Christmas Lists

Milla Ridener, Reporter

Picture of a Christmas list (Milla Ridener)

The most wonderful time of the year, as the saying goes, is just around the corner; it’s Christmas. Several students are already thinking about what they will ask for for Christmas. Some students say they don’t think they are going to get what they want for Christmas. “My mom won’t ask me what I want for Christmas because she doesn’t want to ruin the surprise,” says Nova Brotherton, a sophomore. An Instagram poll was presented to 23 EHS students asking “Would you rather get exactly what you want for Christmas but know what you’re getting, or not get exactly what you want but have it be a surprise?’’ Most students voted to get exactly what they wanted.  Although some kids find the surprise more thrilling, “The surprise on Christmas morning is the best part,” said Logan Raber, a sophomore. Other students seemed to agree or have the same thoughts as Logan. He has also said, “it’s also exciting  knowing what you’re going to open but having to wait until Christmas morning, or some say it ruins the “Christmas magic.” Kids say they will give their parents ideas or recommendations of what they wouldn’t want. Students are wondering what they want for Christmas versus what they thought their parents will get them, and most kids said new shoes or clothes. “All I want for Christmas is new Jordans,” says Evelyn Stottlemyer, a freshman. “Modern Warfare 2 just came out,” Brody Newman, a sophomore says. Brody and his friends all say they want Modern Warfare to play with each other.