Four Mile Creek Band


Courtesy of the @fourmilecreekband Instagram account

Four Mile Creek Band performing at Meyer Brother and Son’s employee event.

Emma Hicks, Reporter

Edgewood High School music teacher, Mrs. Wolf, is a member of Four Mile Creek Band alongside Joe Ramsey and Ronnie Hall. 

Joe Ramsey and Ron Hall were formerly a duo before inviting Mrs. Wolf to perform alongside them, creating a trio. “They were the band originally, and they grew up together,” Mrs. Wolf says. Mrs. Wolf, Joe, and Ron had met on multiple occasions before forming a trio. “We had heard them playing at a camping weekend that we had up at Fair Grounds, they were going to be the entertainment one night,” Mrs. Wolf explains. “Then our paths crossed.”

Music has always been a piece of Mrs.Wolf’s childhood. Even her parents were into music, which inspired her to pursue her musical career. “It was always kind of a part of my life in some way, shape, or form,” Mrs. Wolf says. Her dad always played the guitar. ”After we would go to bed at night, I could remember him playing.” She adds, “My mom always sang, and she was great at harmony.”  

Mrs. Wolf has always been interested in creating music. “I have always kind of wanted to be in a band,” she says. Joe and Ron had helped Mrs. Wolf become more confident in herself, she used to have trouble being able to perform in front of people. “They were very encouraging,” Mrs. Wolf says. 

Being in a band while also being a teacher and a mother can be challenging. “I still have kids at home, and I still have commitments with my job, so finding a time that we can all three be available to practice, and also have our schedules available to play is sometimes a challenge,” Mrs. Wolf explains, “But we work it out.”

Four Mile Creek Band released an album titled “Good Combination.” On August 11th, they announced that there would be physical copies available for sale during all of their shows, and on August 30th, the album was released onto various streaming platforms such as Spotify, Amazon Music, and Apple Music. To find more information about their upcoming shows, visit their Instagram page (@fourmilecreekband), or their Facebook page (@fourmilecreekband).