Choraliers’ Theme And Dates 2022-2023


Jenna Singleton

Choralier rehearsal in Mrs. Wolf’s room.

Jenna Singleton, Student Life Reporter

  With elements of pop and country music mixed together to create an upbeat, high-energy show, this year’s Choraliers competition theme is “Back To Our Roots.” Some of the songs that included in the show are “Hit the Ground Running”, “Nomad”, “Boondocks”, “Georgia Peaches”, “She’s Country”, and “Loud”. The only song that is undecided is the ballad, which is typically the slower or more sentimental song of the show. Choraliers haven’t got to see the costumes but did get to see the sparkly boots the girls wear with their costume.

  Some Choraliers said they like the theme for this competition season. Senior Kamrin Gulley, who has been in Choraliers for four years, said, “ I think the choreography is really fun and I like the country.” Sophomore Dance Captain In Training Maggie Stamper agreed with Kamrin. “I really like the country style and it’s fun to grove into,” Maggie said. But some Choraliers like junior Nora Current feel differently about the show. “It’s fun to dance to but it’s not fun to sing.” Nora also says, “It’s really annoying to sing the songs and I don’t like it.”

   The Choraliers premiere show will be January 21st at Edgewood Middle School. It’s recommended that students go to the premiere show, as tickets to attend competitions can be pricey and seating for performances may be limited. 

   The competition season doesn’t start until February 4th with their first competition in Northrop, Indiana. The dates for the other competition shows are February 18th at Medina High School, February 25th at Grove City High School, March 4th at Hamilton High School, and March 11th at Lebanon High School. Details such as performance times and ticket prices will be released closer to these dates.