What is FCA?

Fellowship Christian Athletes, a program at EHS, has gone unnoticed for too long

Kaylee Barker, Reporter

Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) is a group of students that meet every Friday in room 161 to talk about the word of God. FCA is not only a great way to learn about Christ, but also make friends, create memories, and so much more! 

FCA meets every Friday morning at 7:30am. An FCA leader then opens the morning up in prayer. The group rotates leaders and who gets to speak. Whoever was picked for that week will then give a speech they prepared about the topic they are discussing.

After the leader has spoken, Mr. Gary Clemmons takes over, talking more about the message, and then they finish up the morning with small discussions and delicious donuts! 

Hailey Hall, a leader of FCA, said, “I just enjoy the atmosphere, and how welcoming everyone is. Even though it’s so early in the morning, when you walk in you just see everyone with a smile on their face.” FCA allows you to not only learn the word of God, but find friends that will last forever. “Everyone is just so happy to be there,” Hailey added. 

FCA Leaders (Courtesy of: Hailey Hall)

To attend FCA, you don’t have to be involved in church or be an athlete. “I think it’s a safe space to go. Even if you’re not involved with church or athletics, it’s a good way to dive deeper into the word,” explained Cassie Claxton, a senior and four year member of FCA, now a leader. FCA is a great atmosphere that spreads positivity and the word of God. It’s a great way to express yourself as well, and meet new people that you will create bonds with and feel safe with.

“It feels good to spread the word and talk about something that’s a big part of you,” Cassie explained. “You also get very good friends. And the staff that come to our meetings, I feel very safe with them.” 

FCA is a great program and has so much positivity involved with it. “I definitely would recommend FCA to other students. It’s a great way to meet new people, even if you’re not Christian or an athlete, it’s a great environment of people and brings out a lot of positivity,” Hailey Hall said.

Attending FCA is a great place to go where you can create bonds with students and staff that will never end, and learn the word of God!