Wearing Halloween Costumes To School

Allie Scott wearing her monkey costume.

Athena Watson

Allie Scott wearing her monkey costume.

Athena Watson, Student Life Reporter

Due to this year’s Halloween falling on a Monday, many students plan to still celebrate and are debating on wearing costumes to school.

Maura Young, a senior at EHS, plans on celebrating this Halloween by dressing up as Terra from Teen Titans and passing out candy. She believes that coming to school in costume would be a great way to make a normal Monday better. “It’s not necessarily important to dress up but it is a fun thing to do,” Says Maura.  Halloween traditions in America normally mean dressing up and trick or treating, but dressing up in school might need some moderation.

   Allie Scott thinks that dressing up is a great idea but “Some costumes should be worn and some shouldn’t.”  Costumes that include hats and masks don’t follow the dress code.  Allie plans on dressing up in a monkey costume and going trick-or-treating with her friends. She also stresses that Halloween is important because it is a great way to express yourself. “When can you dress up as a monkey? Never! Only on Halloween,” Allie claims. Dressing up allows kids to be who they want for a night, even if they want to be a gorilla or a fairy.


Ashton Benner wearing his Tigger costume. (Emily Sizemore)

 Even teachers believe that celebrating Halloween during school hours could be great for the kids. Karen Wirtley, the ELAB teacher, gives out candy as a tradition and loves to carve pumpkins every year. “In younger grades, they would decorate doors and rooms for the holiday,” She says. Mrs. Wirtley wouldn’t even mind dressing up herself, “My first name is Karen so I would be the Good Witch and prove I’m not the stereotypical Karen.” Halloween can be fun for anyone of any age or profession.

   Wearing costumes to school has its pros and cons but most people love the idea of celebrating the holiday. Students and staff think that wearing costumes makes the day more enjoyable and students would be able to express themselves with costumes that follow the dress code.