EdgeTime 2022-2023

There are many mixed opinions about EdgeTime this year.


Brookelyn Humphrey

Edgewood High School hallway

Brookelyn Humphrey, Student Life Reporter

  Students have tons of mixed feelings about how EdgeTime is turning out this school year. Last year, it was only used a couple of times a month. Changing this year,  it’s every Wednesday after 4th period. There are portions of the school that love EdgeTime and portions that hate EdgeTime. 

     For some people, EdgeTime is fun and enjoyable. “Things are so much more fun and different from last year,” said senior Rylan Brown. Some teachers allow fun games, such as hangman, heads up 7 up, and even talking to those around you. Most people find that a lot more fun and have a better time during those 40 minutes. 

  Although some students don’t like EdgeTime. “EdgeTime doesn’t make sense, especially for people who have a study hall,” said sophomore Addi King. She doesn’t see a reason to have an EdgeTime. She likes to have the 40 minutes to herself to do whatever she needs, and be on her phone but she’d rather use that time to get her school work done.

  There are some students who feel neutral about EdgeTime. “EdgeTime has its ups and downs, it can be fun and also boring,” said freshman Jacob Murray. Some students find that EdgeTime can get boring depending on what their class rules are. Some teachers allow phones, some teachers don’t allow phones. 

  There are a lot of different opinions on EdgeTime going around but overall, it seems as though it’s working for those who don’t have the option of a study hall.