Cougars Football: Season Recap

A look back on the games the Cougars have played this year, and a look at the playoff games the team has ahead


Courtesy of: Katie Fulks

Cougars senior players and cheerleaders

Tavionne Crosby, Reporter

Team Captains (Courtesy of: Katie Fulks)

The Edgewood Cougars have concluded the regular season as the Southwest Ohio Conference (SWOC) champions. The Cougars ended the season 9-1 and clinched a number three seed in the OHSAA state playoffs. The Cougars are gearing up for their run in the playoffs as they prepare to take on Lima Senior in week 11 at Kumler Field.

“Being a 9-1 team is exciting and unforgettable. Fall sports set the tone of the rest of the year as the school pride and spirit thrive off a good season,” said Head Coach Scott Clemmons. The student body makes an incredible effort each season to show up in support of the Cougars football team, home and away, as part of the EHS Den.  

The effort and determination of the team this season has shown from the beginning. The Cougars’ season began at Milford in week 1, a game that had everyone on edge, but one Edgewood lost 42-6. Edgewood had 243 total yards that game, while Milford had 452. But, come week 2, the team came back fighting and has been on fire ever since. Even with some close games, such as Bishop Fenwick, with the final being 10-0, the team never stopped working. The team has suffered some rough injuries this year but still pulls together to do what they were taught. “Just seeing that fight and that drive in everyone this year to prove that they are still in that same tradition, and just as good as the previous year,” says Coach Clemmons. Tradition as an Edgewood Cougar is something the coaches and team take very seriously. 

“Building new relationships with my players is what I enjoy the most,” said Coach Clemmons. After years of being with the same team, the same people, and the same traditions, a type of bond exists that no player will be eager to leave behind, and no coach will want to see go. 

With the Cougars having three strong backs this year the team has been surprising their opponents by tearing straight through their defense game after game. “Instead of throwing the ball to the playmakers, we hand the ball to them,” said Coach Clemmons. On top of that, the team’s quarterback, #11 Riley Brown, has 754 yards passing on 68 attempts. Brown is averaging 11 yards per game and has thrown 9 touchdowns this season. 

Players including Jake Valerio, Braden Sullivan, and Brick Barker have accomplished great things this season so far. Barker, #27, and Valerio, #20, have both had an impressive defensive season with Valerio having 72 tackles, and Barker having as many as 92. Furthermore, Sullivan, who has had 7 touchdowns this season, has also rushed for 655 yards.

This past year, the Cougars have had an amazing group of young men, especially the 12 seniors of the team. “When you graduate a group of players who were great people, we have another group of young men willing to step up, do the job and fill the shoes of those seniors who are leaving to continue their winning success,” said Coach Clemmons. 

The Cougars’ first playoff game will be Friday, October 28th, against Lima Senior. The game will be played at Kumler Field at 7:00PM.