Working Under 18: Is It Okay?


Nick McIntosh, Student Life Reporter

   EHS students are working at fast food restaurants under the age of eighteen. Most of them are working at fast-food restaurants in Trenton. Legally, they are allowed to work at the age of 14.

   EHS student Caleb Wise says” I think kids should work as soon as they can, it helps you build a good work ethic and helps you learn how to use your money” It is harder to work at a job if you don’t have a car, but if you have some sort of transportation then it’s a lot easier. Caleb says “ It depends on your location, if you can ride a bike or a skateboard there then do it, but if you can’t then I wouldn’t recommend working there. But if you have a car then yes. ” On the other hand, freshman Carter Donnellson says, ”Yeah, but you will not be able to use the fryers.” 

  Students working at fast food restaurants are allowed to work different hours at different places, Carter says “ At Lee’s, I am allowed to work 5 hours, but with my parent’s signature I can work a double.” And Caleb says “At Chipotle in Westside Hamilton, I am allowed to work 2 or 3 days a week and 15 to 20 hours, for other teenagers it’s a lot more.” Jobs take up a lot of time, so EHS students that play sports have to find a job that can work around their school schedules.”

  Most EHS students don’t plan to stay at their fast food job their whole life. Caleb says,” I want to work at Chipotle at least until I get out of high school or find a better job because they have a college program, and if you work for at least a year then you can apply to a partially paid scholarship program/college fund.” Most students say that they want to work at their current fast-food restaurant until they find something better.