Fall Fashion 2022


Macy Wilson

Jovana Lambe shows her latest fall look.

Macy Wilson, Reporter

  Fall is here! Most people are ready for the colder weather while others still want the summer weather all year round. So since it’s colder outside, people are dressing for the weather.

  The weather is different in Ohio every single day. One day, it’ll be freezing and frosting your windows in the morning, and the next day, it will be warm with a slight breeze. For weather like this, students never know what they want to wear to school. So, students and teachers tend to dress more for comfort than style. Staff and students also have to decide when it is best to start wearing warmer clothes to school. Some say as soon as school starts but Jovana Lambe, a junior at Edgewood High School, thinks differently. She says, “A little bit after school starts, like the middle of September”. Jovana doesn’t necessarily dress for comfort but for style because she wants to inspire people on what to wear. “It’s more style, not just like feeding myself for compliments but I can inspire other people by telling me ‘oh, you look nice today and I will feel good about myself”, she explains. But a typical outfit that Jovana would get compliments on would consist of mom jeans, a flannel, and converse shoes. An outfit like this for Jovana is both comfortable and stylish. Others have complimented her many times about her outfits and it made her feel good about herself. So, she hopes that people will be inspired by her to dress for them and not by anyone else. 

From a teacher’s perspective, the staff at Edgewood dress entirely differently from the students. The dress code is more strict for teachers because they have to remain professional. So, for the English teacher, Mrs. Gabbard, a typical everyday outfit at school consists of a cardigan/sweater, capris pants, and flats for shoes. Students can wear this outfit as well but this is what an everyday outfit would be for a teacher. When she’s at home, she wears joggers and a hoodie. Mrs. Gabbard has said that no one influenced her to dress the way she does because what she wears is for her and out of her comfort zone. “I have no fashion style and there are other people who dress very cute every day, not me, I want to dress as comfortably as possible”, explains Mrs. Gabbard. She also hopes to help inspire other teachers and students by allowing them to dress just as comfortably as she does.