Senior Spotlight: Garrett Beckman

Olivia Day, Reporter

To some kids, senior year can be an intimidating time, but for Edgewood senior Garrett Beckman, it’s an opportunity to have fun and figure things out for a new life beyond the city of Trenton. “It’s not intimidating. At first I thought it would be difficult but not so much anymore.”

Garrett’s senior year is, “Different. You feel older, you don’t feel like really doing anything”. He is ready to explore and experience life for himself. This year he is looking forward to graduating and “starting to grow up and figure things out.” Though this year can be demanding and he says that he “is a little nervous” he is not freaking out, just focusing on the fun parts. He says the scariest part about being a senior is the wait and “just trying to get into colleges.” Which is something a lot of other senior students can relate to, primarily when the time of graduation gets closer. It is a time that can be full of anxiety and stress for any senior. 

Even with the stress of college applications and school, Garrett says focusing on things like his position as a den leader takes away from some of that anxiety. He says “Being a den leader is fun, and it’s always fun to be a leader,” he says that “I will miss it when I graduate”. Friday night football games are something he’s most enjoyed this year, not just because of being a den leader but because of the sense of community that surrounds the games. 

His after-graduation plans are “hanging out with friends, working, and just getting ready for college” Garrett already knows what he wants to do after high school. He plans to major in finance but does not know exactly where he wants to attend school. He was accepted into Bowling Green and has applied to a few other schools.

While he is excited about graduating, he will miss Edgewood, “There is lots of good and a lot of school spirit. I’ll miss the atmosphere the most, I’ll miss the friends i’ve made and the teachers i’ve had. There are some great teachers that will support you,” says Garrett. 

Looking back on past experiences and high school memories, Beckman says his favorite memory is his freshman year, “During covid, hanging out with friends every day was a lot of fun.” Looking back on his past years and thinking of how high school was for him. The advice he’d give the underclassmen was, “Just take it day by day, don’t worry about what happens in a week.” Garrett’s last 3 years have been a mix of all emotions, but staying positive and excited for the future seems to be his strong suit.