Pumpkin Spice Life

Fall is coming around and many students are excited for the seasonal flavor, pumpkin spice.

Tatiana Carroll, Student Life Journalist

   The common question everyone seems to ask their friends is; why do the students of Edgewood High School like pumpkin spice so much? Whether it be scents or flavors, people seem to be obsessed with the idea. There is an overflow of people obsessed with pumpkin spice scents, coffee flavors, and candies during the fall season. 

   According to “Psychologist reveals science behind pumpkin spice’s popularity” By Deirdre Reilly of the New York Post, “Turns out, we love to be reminded of fall and the warm feelings of family, home and the nostalgia the season brings– and our brains associate those warm feelings with this particular flavor, psychologists and researchers say.” This shows that people associate these feelings with the flavors the fall brings. 

  There are mixed opinions about the popular fall scents and drinks. Which is a surprise to most. The coffee flavors seem to be less liked than other pumpkin spice-themed things such as candles or candies that come out around the same time every year.

   Other opinions are stronger and have to do with the distinct taste of the coffee flavors. “The coffee is not even real pumpkin, it’s nutmeg and cinnamon. I don’t like nutmeg so I don’t really like it.” Senior, Rese Spearman says. The other fall seasonal drinks that are becoming popular are liked too. “I do like the Dunkin Donuts cinnamon blast iced coffee that they do. I really like that.” Rese says. 

  The pumpkin spice scents are more popular than the annual fall pumpkin spice coffees but students and staff are just excited for the oncoming fall season and ready for the colder weather and holidays that are fast approaching. The tasty pumpkin spice candies and coffee as well as the good-smelling candles and other scents are a bonus to the weather and holidays.