Seniors’ First Normal Year


Lily Pfeiffer, Reporter

Edgewood High School seniors have had a very abnormal high school experience due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Macy Keith states, “We went from no school to online to hybrid. Then in school with masks and social distancing along with multiple quarantines, causing us to shut down off and on, it was all just crazy confusing.”

The seniors’ freshman year was cut short by three months due to COVID-19. The following year school on a hybrid schedule which is when the class is spread into two groups by last name, the first group goes to school Monday and Tuesday while the second goes on Thursday and Friday, while the custodians use Wednesday to disinfect. The hybrid schedule was only used for the first couple of weeks of the school year. The school then went back to the normal schedule with a lot of complications, everyone had to wear masks, and the students all had to stay outside six feet of each other, if not, they would risk getting quarantined.

Seniors were affected most by all of the quarantines. If you were within six feet of someone with covid you would have to quarantine from school for two weeks which caused a lot of missing work and caused a lot of stress on athletes due to missing games and practices. According to Phillip Johnson, “The school year has been going by faster due to there being no quarantines, especially football.” Remote learning students, including the 2023 senior class will have a different outlook on what high school means forever. 

This year is going to be different and already has been in so many ways. For example, homecoming was inside, instead of outside in the parking lot. Phillip Johnson says, “I liked homecoming being inside this year because it wasn’t as crowded.” Which seemed to be what a lot of people were thinking, there were a lot of complaints after the parking lot dance. Assistant Principal Lori Limon says, “Edgewood High School is going to have all four of the usual pep rallies this year” Which gives students and staff a lot to look forward to! Macy Keith explains, “I love the pep rallies. They are always so exciting and help show our school spirit!”